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«Education and science in the 21st century», in 11 November, 2021

«EDUCATION AND SCIENCE IN THE 21st CENTURY»,  in 11 November, 2021

Main areas of the conference:
• Technology and production of threads, fabrics, jersey and nonwoven fabrics
• Design and production of clothes and footwear
• Equipment of the light and textile industry: design and operation
• Chemistry, chemical technology and environmental problems in production
• Economy and management
• Standardization, commodity and examination of the goods of textile and light industry
• Socio-humanistic problems of modern society development

Information letter


To participate in the conference, it is necessary to go through online registration and attach the ar-ticle (file in .doc format, file name – author’s surname, city) up to October 1, 2021 on the website: https://conference.vstu.by/education-and-science-21st-century/ .

Paper version of the report and the appli-cation form signed by the authors should be sent by postal address: EE «VSTU», Moscowsky av., 72, 210038 Vitebsk, Republic of Belarus (УО «ВГТУ», Московский пр-т, 72, Витебск 210038), labeled «Education and Science 2021».